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Get Involved

Get involved!

Consider helping to organize one our wonderful events throughout the year. It’s a great way to get to meet neighbors and help make our events the best they can be!

Another great way to improve our neighborhood is by joining the Ridgewood Civic Association cabinet.

Ongoing groups

Area Reps / Welcome Committee Area Reps

Ridgewood is divided into 10 sections, with 2-3 area reps covering each area to help distribute communications as needed.  Thanks to email, paper communication are very infrequent but are still needed for new neighbors not yet on the RCA email list.

Play Group

Help organize a group of parents and children for fun play group times together. It’s a nice way for families with younger children to meet each other early on!

Book Club

Help organize fellow bookworms for a fun and relaxing get together, and discuss readings each month, chosen/agreed upon by participants.

Ladies’ Social Club

Join this social committee to help organize monthly outings ranging from fun and creative gatherings at neighbors’ homes to planned events at local venues. A great way to socialize and swap information on valuable resources in our area!

Men’s Third Thursday

Why should the ladies have all the fun?  Organize a monthly get together, either at a neighbor’s backyard (let them know first!) or a local venue.


Plant perennials (its fun with a partner!), occasional weeding, weekly watering and adorning our Ridgewood signs with beautiful garland during the holidays are some of the ways we can keep Ridgewood looking its best.

Tee Time Meet Up

Join fellow Ridgewood golfers for semi-regular tee times during the warmer months. A great way to practice for the annual Ridgewood Golf Classic.

One-time Annual events

Cabinet members: Ridgewood Civic Association

President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary

Each year, we have a new neighbor volunteer to be President, along with a Vice President that will take over for them the following year. Every 2 years, we have open cabinet seats for Treasurer and Secretary.

Cabinet members help to coordinate volunteers, communicate news and events, as well as collect Association dues.

Project NEAT

April specific date TBD

Residents of all ages (great kids activity!) come out with rakes in hand to help clean up our own Ridgewood Park in preparation for a summer filled with fun sports and events. You bring the gloves and we’ll bring the hot chocolate and donut holes. Great idea for scout troops, confirmation, honor society or any other service hours needed. Official certificates will be handed out (with advance notice).

Easter Egg Hunt

Saturday, April 9

Help organize the Easter egg hunt in the park, including hiding eggs, finding a volunteer to play the Easter Bunny (yes, we have a bunny costume), and anything else to make this event memorable!

Wine Tasting

June - TBA

Plan and organize a kick-off to the warm season with a fun wine & food tasting event.

Neighborhood Garage Sale

June - TBA

Help organize this neighborhood garage sale extravaganza, where you’ll put out some yard signs, print out maps, and coordinate participation.

4th of July - Fun & Games

Help organize the kids’ bike parade, race events (kids and adults!), food, and prizes.

Family Swim Night

July/August TBA

Plan and organize this fun opportunity to have an entire outdoor swimming pool all to ourselves on a nice mid to late summer evening. This event is deal for families, and a last summer get together for all the kids.

Progressive Dinner


Help plan and organize one of Ridgewood’s most beloved events by coordinating the Appetizer House (drinks and apps of course), the breakout dinners, then back together at a single dessert house where the food, drinks and good times continue!

Ridgewood Fall Golf Classic


Help plan and organize a great golf get together round of golf together.

Halloween Parade and Fun in the Park


Organize or volunteer to help with a fun meet up in the park with a warm snack, drink, and a parade of costumes before trick or treating hours.

Holiday Party

First Friday in December

Help plan the last warm gathering of the year, at a local venue, for drinks and food.

Holiday Luminaries


Help put together and distribute bags of luminaries on a Saturday morning. We put these beautiful little candle bags out onto the street in front of our houses and light them up on Christmas Eve. And then we enjoy the beauty of the night.