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Baseball Field Updates

(Originally emailed 3/15/2024)

Hello Ridgewood,

A quick email today: TL;DR: please stay off baseball field unless you’re playing baseball/softball 

Baseball Field Upgrades: 

From Luke Cutcomb: Good morning, my name is Luke Cutkomp and I live on Ridgewood Drive. I am on the LTLL board and we are excited for our upcoming season. Today, work started on the field renovation at Ridgewood field. You will see the crew from Sports Fields Inc. doing the work. They are recutting the field, leveling out the infield with new infield material, and resetting the base anchors. We are thrilled about the update to the field. This will make for a safe playing surface for our little league games. On behalf of the board, we would love to have a friendly reminder to please keep off the field when wet to avoid shoe and bicycle tire ruts in the surface. This will ensure our the investment in the field lasts. Thank you for the consideration and feel free to reach out with any questions. Have a great weekend!

Please remind your own kids, and any kids you see at the park (including mine), that they should not be riding bikes across the baseball field and to avoid both the baseball field and soccer field areas when they’re wet.  We don’t want our tax dollars to be wasted on continually repairing fields.  

Have a fabulous weekend,

PS: Don’t forget to pay your dues! $40 per household.  Drop your check to the red box at 5715 Grand or Zelle to 

Also, old emails including sign up links are on our website:  look for “recent posts” on the left hand side

2024 RCA Sponsored Events
Ladies Social: Friday February 23rd
Easter Egg Hunt: March 23rd
NEAT Park Clean up: April 6th
Wine Tasting: Summer TBD 
4th of July Party at the Park: July 4th
Wood Pool Event: Summer TBD
Neighborhood Garage Sale: June 15
Progressive Dinner: Fall TBD
Ridgewood Golf Classic: October 
Halloween Party at the Park: October 31
Luminaria: December
Holiday Party / Kickoff Party: Winter

March 14

Construction, Egg Hunt, NEAT Park clean Up

(originally emailed 3/14/2024)

Hello Ridgewood,

A few updates on this rainy day as we look forward to our spring events:

Wolf Road Construction Returning:
A quick note from the Village: Roadway rehabilitation work for Wolf Road from 47thStreet to Ogden Avenue is scheduled to resume next Monday, March 18th.  Work will begin with the removal and replacement of portions of the existing curb & gutter. The rehabilitation work will continue into Summer. 

Easter Egg Hunt:

Our annual Easter Egg Hunt will be held Saturday March 23rd at 10:30am at Ridgewood Park.  If you plan to participate, please prepare by filling 24 eggs PER CHILD with wrapped ALLERGY FREE goodies (candy, stickers, etc).  Please drop off your eggs to 1107 Park Lane no later than March 22nd.  Please take special care with your child and make sure that on that day they only put 24 eggs in their basket.  We would hate to have a child go away disappointed. 

If your kids would like to participate fill out this form to give us an idea of how many to expect:

Can you help spread the eggs, do our dunkin’ run, or even be our extra special fluffy white guest?  Sign up here

NEAT Park Clean-Up

Want to help beautify Ridgewood Park?  We’ll provide the landscape bags and trash bags (plus some coffee and donuts), you come ready to work with gloves, rakes, and anything else you need to help clean up our park.  Neighbors of all ages are welcome including any scout groups that are looking for some service hours.  Please sign up here, so we know how many to expect:
Thanks to all that have paid their 2024 RCA dues.  If you haven’t already done so, please drop your $40 check in the red box at 5715 Grand Ave, or zelle to  We can’t keep doing all these fun activities without your financial support!

As always, please reach out with any questions or concerns.

Also updates and sign ups will continue to be posted onto our website.  So if you hate searching through old emails,  will be a quick resource.

March 2024

(originally emailed 3/7/2024)

Happy March Ridgewood,  

I’ve included a lot of info!  Easter Egg Hunt, Village updates, baseball sign ups, and more!  If you haven’t gotten your dues in yet, please do!

Ladies Social Recap:

A big thank you to Gail Deluca for hosting our Annual Ladies’ Social.  A 20 degree temperature change and a few inches of snow couldn’t prevent a fun party!  If you were a last minute attendee, don’t forget to send your $15 contribution via zelle or check to the red box at 5715 Grand Ave.  If you enjoyed the big social and want more opportunities to connect, email here: to join our (mostly monthly) ladies’ night events. If you are a guy and feel left out, don’t worry, join the 3rd Thursday Men’s nights list here:

Easter Egg Hunt: March 23rd

Our next event will be our Easter Egg Hunt!  Thank you so much to Jaime Olsowka for heading this up!  Save the date for Saturday March 23rd 10:30am.  More details to come.  If you’d like to help Jamie out, please let me know!

Babysitter / Pet Sitter list:

Thanks to all those that contributed their names to these lists.  If you’d like to be added, please fill out this google form: A reminder that these lists will only be shared when neighbors ask.  If you are in need of the list, let me know!  http://

Village Updates: 
From our Trustee, Phil Nawrocki

The Capital Infrastructure Plan has been completed and the Village webpage it lives on can be accessed at the link below. In the interactive map, you can view roadways, sewers, sidewalks and many other infrastruture pieces related our our great Village. This gives a comprehensive review of all Village infrastruture and estimated project costs.

New Pickleball courts are coming to Spring Rock Park. There will be eight (8) new pickleball courts that should be completed Summer 2024. They will be across from the tennis courts.

There will be two new restaurants opening in downtown Western Springs, Petite Vie, from Chef Paul Virant, in the former Hash Stacks location. The new venture will be serving French inspired dishes. Petit Vie does not have an updated website yet. Additionally, Ella’s Italian Pub will be opening this month! This location will be family friendly. For more information visit:

I did attend a Stormwater Mitigation meeting this past Monday and there are some projects for our Village that look promising. The Village is working with the appropriate agencies to keep these moving. I can provide more information in our flooding updates when I have it. 

If you have any larger Village questions, please do not hesitate to reach out:

I have noticed the potholes around Ridgewood and will talk to Public Works about getting them filled in.

Philip Nawrocki
Trustee, Western Springs

Village Elections:

Our neighbor, Jim Horvath, is well versed on how elections work in our village. If you’d like more info about elections for Village Board, Library Board, and Park District Board, he’s the guy to ask. Just a reminder, that the best way improve something you’re passionate about in the village is to get involved. Western Springs Needs YouOne would be hard pressed to find a resident of this wonderful community who did not really cherish living in Western Springs. The Village is looking for individuals who want to continue the excellence this community has attained both in reputation and in reality. This is not about “politics”. It’s about community. As residents of Western Springs (18 years old and older), we are members of the Caucus Party. In Western Springs we are neither Democrat nor Republican. We are a singular party. Our only focus is: To do what will make our community better for us and our children.This coming November, residents (the Caucus) will select candidates to serve on the Village Board, the Library Board and the Park District Board. Please consider sharing your time and expertise to continue to enrich this amazing community which you have chosen as your home for you and your children.For more about the Western Springs Caucus see:
More Sports Info!

I previously shared that sign ups for Little League Baseball/Tball and AYSO Soccer sign ups are going on now.  But there is also the La Grange Babe Ruth baseball league for teenagers that are aging out of Little League:  See this note from Board Member Bill Waliewski

LaGrange Babe Ruth Baseball has two leagues:   Junior League for 13-15 year olds and Senior League for 16-18 year olds.   We play roughly two times per week for a total of 14 regular season games plus playoffs.  The season begins in early June and ends at the beginning of August.   

The league is perfect for players and their parents who wish to play locally without the time or financial commitment to travel baseball.   That said, we do have travel baseball players who play in our league as an adjunct to their travel schedule.   This gives them a chance to play with friends and to play in a less pressure filled environment.  At our Senior Level, we have LT athletes that play other sports play in our league just for fun.  

Our motto is “La Grange Babe Ruth: Where Everyone Plays”.  All skill levels are welcome.  

Registration is currently open.  Our website can be found using this link:   
La Grange Babe Ruth Baseball 

So much going on!  As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please reach out,
2024 RCA Sponsored Events
Ladies Social: Friday February 23rd
Easter Egg Hunt: March 23rd
NEAT Park Clean up: April 6th
Wine Tasting: Summer TBD 
4th of July Party at the Park: July 4th
Wood Pool Event: Summer TBD
Neighborhood Garage Sale: Summer TBD
Progressive Dinner: Fall TBD
Ridgewood Golf Classic: October 
Halloween Party at the Park: October 31
Luminaria: December
Holiday Party / Kickoff Party: Winter

February 2024

Happy February!

I’m Tara Reynolds, the new RCA president for 2024. I’ve lived in Ridgewood for 9 years now, and this is my 6th year on the board.  I’m so thankful we moved into this amazing community with wonderful neighbors and fun events for both kids and adults. 

Thank you so much to Renee for leading the charge last year and helping to organize so many fabulous events. Thanks also to Maureen Hochberg, and Amy Benck, who are staying on as officers this year.  Finally thank you to Lynne Hiatt, who is returning to the board as our secretary this year.

Thank you to Renee and Maureen for a great kick off party, I’m upset that I ended up sick and had to miss it, but heard it was a fun time for all those that attended.

Another thanks to those that came in person, and those that zoomed into our RCA annual meeting to vote in the new board members. 

Onward to our next 2024 Events and areas of interest: 

Ladies Social:

Our next event for 2024 is our Ladies Social.  This year Gail DeLuca has graciously offered to host.  It will be held on Friday February 23rd at 7pm.  Ladies you can get the details and RSVP here:

Easter Egg Hunt:

After our Ladies Social, our next planned event will be our Easter Egg Hunt.  If you’d like to be on the Egg Hunt planning committee, please email  Duties include: deciding the date, finding volunteers to spread eggs, and picking up dunkin the morning of the event.  

Website Updates:

We are in the process of updating our website to make it easier to find information without digging through emails.  If you, or somebody you know, is tech savvy and would like to help, please reach out.  We’re going to move as many sign ups to the website as well, so make sure to click on the “Get Involved” link over on

2024 Dues:

Finally, a reminder that we can’t make all these wonderful events happen without your financial support!  One of the few things that has not seen a price increase in 6 years!  $40 per household.  Payable via zelle to president@ridgewoodofwesternsprings or check made out to Ridgewood Civic Association and dropped at the red box at 5715 Grand Ave.

Please reach out if you have any questions or concerns,


2024 RCA Sponsored Events
Ladies Social: Friday February 23rd
Easter Egg Hunt: March
NEAT Park Clean up: April
Wine Tasting: Summer TBD 
4th of July Party at the Park: July 4th
Wood Pool Event: Summer TBD
Neighborhood Garage Sale: Summer TBD
Progressive Dinner: Fall TBD
Ridgewood Golf Classic: October 
Halloween Party at the Park: October 31
Luminaria: December
Holiday Party / Kickoff Party: Winter

2017 Ridgewood Progressive Dinner

Join us for the neighborhood’s most popular event of the year as we socialize over appetizers and drinks. Then it’s off to a great dinner at one of this year’s hosts. And finally, dessert and drinks finish off the evening.

6:00pm Cocktail and Appetizer Party
8:00pm Dinners at assigned homes
9:30pm Dessert and After Party


Purchase by Monday, August 28

Members: $35/$70 per couple

Non members: $50/$100 per couple

Please volunteer to bring an item:

If your last name starts with A-L – bring an appetizer and if your last starts with M-Z – bring a dessert

A final plea for membership


I noticed that some of you still haven’t joined the Ridgewood Association.

Since my many email pleas to you have not worked so far, there must be some other reason that you haven’t joined yet…

Maybe you think that you don’t go to any of the events.
– If you haven’t gone to any of our events, then I welcome you to just try one. Try a Men’s Night. Try a Women’s Night. Don’t try a Women’s night if you’re a man though.
Send me an email and let me know what’s holding you back or what events you want to go to – I’ll join you!

Maybe you think that you won’t receive anything for your investment.
– The RCA provides much needed landscaping, monument entrance signs, fun events for adults and our neighborhood kids. And who doesn’t want happy kids in our neighborhood?

Maybe you think that you pay enough in taxes to the Village and they don’t do enough for Ridgewood as it is.
– I couldn’t agree more. For what we pay to live in this area, it’s frustrating sometimes (a lot of times) when it seems that Ridgewood doesn’t get some of the same attention as the other neighborhoods, with regard to the roads and the drinking water. When we speak with a single voice, we get heard. That’s why I personally advocate on our behalf.

Anyway, if you’re still reading this, that means you’re interested. Maybe just a little – but one thing I know is that we are stronger together and safer when we know each other.

You could live in rural Montana, held up in a compound, living off the grid, but you don’t. You live here, in Ridgewood. And that means that a community is important to you.

I hope you’d consider becoming a member. This late in the year, It’s typically $40, but if you sign up for auto-renew, it’s just $31. You can cancel anytime (this is starting to sound like an infomercial)

Thank you,


Introduction for 2017

I’m Tony Holmes and I’m excited to be serving as the Ridgewood Civic Association (RCA) President for 2017, along with Michelle Manley as Vice President, Kevin Eskew as Treasurer, and Sandra Munizzo as Secretary.

Thanks to Anita Wallin as outgoing President, Rich Munizzo as Treasurer, and Jennifer Dixon as Secretary as well as all the volunteers who dedicated their time to make sure all of our events were a success!

One of my goals this year is do away with a lot of the paperwork by going electronic. This will make it easier for residents to update information, RSVP for events, and renew membership. That said, a paper version of this newsletter will also be delivered within the week.

The Ridgewood website will be the hub where these things happen.

Here are some quick links:
  > Sign up for emails here
> View upcoming events here
> Sign up for committees here

If you ever need help using the website or have any questions about the RCA, please don’t hesitate to call, text, email, send smoke signals, or just stop over and say hi – my contact info is below.

There will also be a new directory this year!  You can make sure your info is up to date by filling out this form.

Membership Dues
Save $10 by paying before March 1.
We wanted to give people more options and hopefully make it easier to become a member of the RCA.
It’s just $30 and you’ll get discounts on events, a neighborhood directory, help fund improvements, and best of all a warm, fuzzy feeling.

We need you!  We have a lot of fun events throughout the year and they aren’t possible without volunteers.  Please email me if you are able to chair/volunteer at any of these events.

Ways to Renew 
  Chase Quick Pay:  Send payment to
  PayPal:  Pay using this link
  Check:  Make checks out to Ridgewood Civic Association and leave in the red RCA box at my front door (address below)

I’d like to thank our Ridgewood sponsors:
Mark Niemiec – State Farm
Quality Sleep Shop
Suckerpunch Pickles

These sponsors have graciously donated to the RCA, so let’s show our support with a little local patronage, better known as the Ridgewood bump.
If you have or know of a business that would like to support our neighborhood, let me know.

Again, if you have any questions, please reach out to me. Thanks and I hope to see you at one of our many events this year!

Tony Holmes
1029 Linden Lane